Best Olm to Mac Mail Converter for Perfect Email Migration

The best Olm to Mac Mail Converter that can convert your data from Outlook 2011 for Mac without any data integrity issues.

If you are looking to move your emails, contacts, and calendar data from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail, you have these options –

  1. Drag folders to desktop and the files will convert to Mbox, import those Mbox files to Apple Mail.
  2. Create an IMAP account and sync the data using online email servers.
  3. Use a tool to convert Olm files (Outlook format) to Mbox format (Apple Mail).

The first two methods – drag and drop folders & syncing the data through online servers – they are painfully slow, tedious, and many times, not accurate. They do not transfer your emails with properly accuracy and precision. It has been reported along with many other issues that the folders converted through these methods generally appear empty with no content inside them.

The third option – using a professional Olm to Mac mail converter – works in almost all situations. It offers the perfect and most seamless way of data transfer, given the tool you have chosen is good enough to make it happen in a proper way.

Any Olm to Mac Mail converter should have at least these few qualities –

  • First and foremost, the conversion should be complete and exhaustive. No information should be missing from the conversion.
  • It should have an easy to use GUI, which is true for any software. Interfaces that are not user-friendly can make any software useless, regardless of their other features.
  • The conversion should be fast. Most users who are looking for good Olm to Mac Mail converters actually have huge databases. Slow tools taking countless hours is the last thing anyone would want.
  • There are many other features that are necessary when it comes to conversion of Olm to Mbox Mac. Such as,
    • Mbox files should not get bigger as Apple Mail can give errors trying import Mbox files that are bigger than 1 GB
    • Support for Contacts and Calendar items conversion.
    • Supports non-English content
    • can keep the structure of your email folders same after conversion.
  • And lastly, it should be easy on CPU, that means it shouldn’t be too heavy that uses a lot of RAM. That goes for every type of software out there.

There are few Olm to Mac Mail converters that meet the above criteria. But the best one so far that has stood the test of time again and again is definitely “Olm Extractor Pro”. It has all the above stated qualities  – thorough and accurate, easy to use, Quick conversions, and other necessary functions.

It also has a feature where you can merge contacts into a single Vcf file and contact entries into a single Ics file per folder. That is very convenient, instead of saving multiple files for each individual contact and/or calendar entry.

Get More Info: OLM to MBOX Converter

“Olm Extractor Pro” is also available as a free edition (Download here) along with the paid version. The free edition can convert 10 items per folder. To unlock it, you have to register for a paid license.

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