Migrate Apple Mail to PST for Windows and Mac Outlook

3 reasons why you should change the way you migrate Apple Mail to PST: Mail Extractor Pro.

Data Migration can be a lengthy, tiring, yet an unrewarding process. Migrating your Apple Mail data to PST is just another page in the book.

But this lengthy, tiring and unrewarding process can be turned into a fast, short and perfect conversion process. All you need to do is change the way you proceed with your conversion process.

Problems you face during Apple Mail to PST Migration

Migrating Apple Mail to PST looks very easy in theory. But when it comes to practically performing the process things can get really complicated. With a layered conversion of data required to get it all to your Outlook account, you’ll need help.

Apple Mail and Windows Outlook are similar yet very different. Both email clients are very popular on their respective operating systems. Apple Mail runs on MacOS and Outlook on Windows. Both provide exceptional features and a user-friendly interface to their users which meets the end need. The only and major difference between the two is the way both deal with the data of their users.

Apple Mail, like many other email clients running on MacOS, prefers the use of MBOX format for storing its email data. Whereas Outlook uses PST format for the same. MBOX is a generic file format and is usually compatible with most converter tools out there. But unfortunately, in this case, it is incompatible with Outlook. Therefore, to transfer the data you need to migrate Apple Mail data to PST.

Migrating Apple Mail to Outlook

The lack of a common way of migrating Apple Mail to Outlook becomes the biggest obstacle in the way of migrating your Apple Mail to Outlook. Due to this reason you need to take help from third-party software tools. They are modern technological solutions that make up for the technical edge that you don’t get in the manual methods of Apple Mail to Outlook Migration.

They provide support with the huge amount of data present in modern day email database. the only thing that you need to do is choose the right converter tool. Due to the presence of so many substandard tools in the market it can become hard to find the right converter tool.

But don’t worry we did the hard work for you and found out the best tool in the market to migrate Apple Mail to PST.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is a tool that will solve all your Apple Mail to PST Migration woes.

apple mail to pst

The tool provides:

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy:

The tool converts all the data present in the input email database files without any problem. Formats like Unicode, double byte data etc., are very easily tackled by the tool.

Easy to Use Interface:

The Interface of the tool makes it very easy to migrate Apple Mail to PST. It helps you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step of the conversion process to help you make it through the conversion process.

migrate apple mail to pst

Split Large PST files:

The tool allows you to set a limit for the size of the output file to be produced. You can set a custom limit to ensure that all files produced post the conversion process are easily importable with Windows Outlook.

The tool has a lot more to offer. Download the free trial of the tool today.

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